Splatoon 3: How To Fix Amiibo Gear Not Unlocking

Here are the ways to Fix Amiibo Gear Not Unlocking in Splatoon 3 easily.

The Splatoon game series is all about inking the turf and winning the battles. Apart from these, the game also rewards veteran players or new players with various new gears. In order to get these rewards, the player will need to scan their Amiibo figurines in the game. However recently there’s a glitch where players are not able to claim their rewards from the Amiibo Box. If you’re facing the same error in Splatoon 3, then we’ll help you fix the Amiibo Gear not unlocking error.

How to Fix Amiibo Gear Not Unlocking Error in Splatoon 3?

Fix Amiibo Gear Not Unlocking In Splatoon 3

Here are all the ways to fix the Amiibo gear not unlocking error in Splatoon 3 easily.

  • Play Matches
  • Restart
  • Rescan
  • Restore & Save Data

These are the fixes to solve the Gear not unlocking error in the game. For your better understanding let’s discuss the fixes in detail.

Play Matches

The first fix to solve the issue in the game is by playing more matches. If you’ve bought a new figure and trying to scan it, then you won’t be able to get the rewards until you play some matches. The requirement to get these rewards is by reaching the Level 10 of the characters you want gear of.


There are also times when you’ve not scanned the figure properly. In this case, you simply have to restart your game and scan the figure again in the Amiibo Box. Doing so will fix the Amiibo gear not unlocking error in Splatoon 3 easily.


Some players have also reported that they’ve been able to fix the issue by scanning the Amiibo in Splatoon 2. And then returning to Spaltoon 3, to save & restore the Spaltoon 2 data. After doing this they received the gear they were looking for. However, take note that doing so will delete the existing data of your Amiibo from Splatoon 3.

Restore & Save Data

If you’ve reached Level 10 but are still unable to get the gears, then it’s possible that your Amiibo might’ve been damaged. In this situation, you’ll simply need to restore the data of your damaged Amiibo, and that’ll do the trick.

This is all you need to know about how to fix Amiibo Gear not unlocking error in Splatoon 3 easily. If your issue is still not fixed, then the only thing you can do is contact Nintendo Support and wait. Until the error is getting fixed, check out how to get Mystery Box in the game.