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How To Defeat Fist Of Grudge In Catherine: Full Body (Boss Guide)

In this Boss guide, get all the strategies you can use to beat the Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body.

Catherine: Full Body has released on the Nintendo Switch on July 7, 2020. It’s an action-puzzle thriller with mature elements in the story. Throughout the game you will come across many bosses and one of them is the Fist of Grudge. If you are wondering how to defeat Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body then you are at the right place. In this guide, we will explain how to do that easily.

How to Beat Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body


This is the first boss (Katherine) that you will fight with in the game during Stage 2: Prison of Despair (Final Floor). Before getting into how to beat the boss, let’s take a look at her attacks.

The evil-looking Fist of Grudge has a weapon and that’s a deadly fork. She will stab some blocks with it. To know which blocks she is going to attack, just focus on their color. When they turn red, you will know that she is going to stab over there. Her main goal is to stab Vincent and stun or kill him. She swears to not let him escape. If you stay on some blocks for too long, the boss will try to skewer you with her weapon too.

She has one more attack and that is of transformation of the blocks. With a stab on the tower, she changes the blocks around Vincent into heavy ones making it difficult for him to pull them. With that in mind, let’s see how you can complete your mission of escaping these terrifying hands.


Strategies to Use

When you encounter the heavy blocks, make sure to use a bell which will make the blocks normal. This will save a lot of time because at this point, you don’t want her to catch up to you and kill you. It’s best to not waste precious moments by pulling the heavy blocks.

One more trick that you should remember is to stay away from the red blocks. That is a clear indication of an upcoming attack so move away quickly. The boss wants to trap you and failing to move fast will mean that the boss will succeed.


So that’s how to defeat the Fist of Grudge in Catherine: Full Body. For more tips and tricks, be sure to read our other video game guides on GamerTweak.