How To Restore Fishing Shrine In Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Read this guide to learn how you can restore the Fishing Shrine in the Kena Bridge of Spirits.

The Fishing Shrine is one of the four Ancient Shrines in the Forgotten Forest in Kena Bridge of Spirits. You will need to restore all of the shrines (including the Fishing Shrine) in the forest in order to open up the Guardian Tree. Because of this, knowing how to restore the shrine is quite important. In this guide, we will show you exactly how to do so.

How to Restore the Fishing Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

To restore the Fishing Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits, you will first need to go to it. The shrine is the easternmost among all of the shrines in the Forgotten Forest. Once you get here, you will find crystals in four stone statues placed around the small island that houses the shrine. Each statue has a blue crystal that you will need to shoot in order to restore the shrine.

fishing shrine puzzle guide kena bridge spirits

To begin with, you will need to shoot the crystal located to your right and in the front. Next, you need to shoot the crystal that is placed behind you and to your left. Now, shoot the crystal behind you and to your right. Lastly, shoot the crystal directly ahead of you and to your left.

This is all you need to do in order to restore the Fishing Shrine. However, there is a catch. For this process to be perfect, you first need to make sure you shoot the crystals in the exact order mentioned in the earlier points. Failing to do so will not allow you to restore it To add to your woes, failing to get the correct order will result in the spawning of a few Moth enemies. This will be a punishment for your inability to get the order right.

If you are having trouble getting your directions sorted before you begin shooting the crystals, there is a simple solution. All you need to do is stand directly in front of the shrine, after which you need to pulse once. Now, pay careful attention to the candles placed below the Shrine. You will find four sets of these candles. Each candle set will represent one of the crystals located in the surroundings. These candles will light up in the required order to shoot the crystals.

kena bridge spirits fishing shrine puzzle

Once you get the order right, you will notice that the Deadzone Heart will open up. Once this opens up, you will be able to destroy it. Doing so will purify the Fishing Shrine and restore it. This is how you will need to solve the puzzle.

restore fishing shrine kena

And that is all there is to know about solving the Fishing Shrine puzzle and restoring it in Kena Bridge of Spirits. As long as you get the order of shooting the crystals right, you will be able to finish solving this puzzle quite quickly and effortlessly.

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