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How to Get Fishing Pole in Red Dead Redemption 2 Location Guide

Fishing Pole in Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the important tool the player much locate early in the game. Needless to say that the Fishing Pole or the Fishing Rod will help you catch some of the legendary beasts that the game has to offer. Let’s dive into the exact location of the Fishing Pole in RDR 2.

Fishing Pole Location in RDR 2

Even though you think the Fishing Rod will be located in every corner, but it’s not so to get the Fishing Pole you first have to start the quest called ‘A Fisher of Men’. To locate this quest you need to reach CHapter 2 of the game just after Van Der Linde gang establishes their camp.

A Fisher of Men quest

Once you reach the camp, go and talk to Abigail to pick up the A Fisher of Men quest. Now she will ask you to take her son Jack for fishing. Locate Jack in the grass near the horses. The quest will lead you to the river and just follow what the game tells you.

red dead redemption 2 fishing pole

Once you reach the fishing spot with Jack, you’ll be starting the fishing tutorial. This includes how to equip the fishing rod, how to use baits, and so on. Here you have your Fisher Rod unlocked. Happy Fishing and let us know if you find any legendary beasts in the game. Check out other Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide for Tips, Tricks and More.