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Sonic Frontiers: How To Fish (Big The Cat Location)

Here's a guide on how to fish in Sonic Frontiers and Big the Cat's Location

In Sonic Frontiers, you will come across some features that were never seen before in the previous Sonic Games. Along with open-world gameplay, it also has minigames like Fishing where you can earn rewards. You don’t have to worry about buying a fishing rod but you will have to find Big the Cat. Wondering where to find him? In this article, we will tell you Big the Cat’s location and How to Fish in Sonic Frontiers.


How to Fish in Sonic Frontiers

Hook the Fish in Sonic Frontiers

After meeting Big the Cat for the first time, a short cutscene will play where he will lend you a fishing rod. Then he will give you a short tutorial on how to catch fish. To do so:

  • Simply select a spot to cast the line
  • Then wait for a splash to reel the fish in by pressing the corresponding button
  • A red circle or ‘ripple’ will appear
  • When a white ring enters this circle, hook the fish
  • And voila! You will get a fish

If you have played Disney Dreamlight Valley, then you will have a better understanding of the fishing mechanic of this game. Big the Cat will let you fish for free at first. However, if you want to fish again, you will require Purple Coins.


Big the Cat’s Locations

Like Sonic’s other allies, Big the Cat is stuck in Cyberspace. But unlike them, you don’t have to unlock him. Instead, you will find him in portals similar to Cyberspace stages. You will likely find him for the first time in one of the portals on Kronos Island. The locations of these portals are denoted on the map with a Portal Icon.

Apart from being a relaxing activity in this fast-paced game, fishing can get you some amazing rewards through it. Along with fish, there is also a chance of pulling out a Chest, Scrolls, and much more. You can also exchange the fish for Treasure Tokens or Gold Cards. You can use these to buy rewards at Big’s shop. The rewards include the Red Seed of Power, the Blue Seed of Defense, 20x Lost Koco, and other important resources.


That’s all from us on How to Fish and Big the Cat’s location in Sonic Frontiers. Check out our other articles on this game like How to Free Knuckles soon.