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What Was The First Game On Roblox? (Answered)

Learn about the First Game on Roblox from this guide.

Roblox is an Online Game Platform and Games Creation System developed by Roblox Corporation. It allows players to make & play games created by other players. It is from the players by the player’s place. Roblox has been around for a very long time and has become one of the biggest games in today’s Gaming World. With millions of games on it, there is no shortage of fun. But which game started it all? What was the first game? In this guide, I will show you what was the first game on Roblox.

What was the First Game on Roblox?

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Roblox has been online since September 1, 2006. But the game was in development since 2004. As such, there have been games that were added & then deleted from the platform. Due to this, There have been a lot of controversies about which games were the first ones to be on Roblox. The ever first game on Roblox was Spasmotron2 vs Wimpotron2 which was by David Baszucki on 31/07/2004. This is the oldest possible one in Roblox with the proof to back it up.

Spasmotron2 vs Wimpotron2 is the oldest game to date. But it no longer exists on the platform. Whenever you make a new account or new game on Roblox, it is given an ID. The ID is made based on how many entities were created before your Account/game was made. If we consider that rule then the First Game on Roblox is Experimental Jet Pack by Eric Cassel. It has an ID of 1437 & was created on 12/01/2006. In either case, Spasmotron2 vs Wimpotron2 & Experimental Jet Pack are the first games to be on Roblox depending on how you see it.

The information for this article came from a Roblox Youtuber by the name of Toastedcherries. This was all about the first game on Roblox. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other Roblox articles on our Website, Gamer Tweak.