How To Get Firecrackers In Animal Well – Answered

Firecrackers in Animal Well is an extremely important resource if you are looking to deal with ghosts. Here’s where you can find it.

Firecracker in Animal Well is the only weapon that can help you in fending off the ghost enemies. These enemies have the sole purpose of stopping you in your path, making your playthrough full of obstacles. If you manage to outmaneuver them, you can unfold the secrets of each room and maybe find Firecrackers early in the game. To help you accomplish this task, here’s a quick guide featuring the steps for obtaining Firecrackers.

Where to Find Firecrackers in Animal Well

pressing yellow buttons to find firecracker in Animal Well

You can find Firecrackers as soon as you enter the room with the Blue Ghost in Animal Well. In this room, you have no other choice but to run away from the ghost. However, if you have the Firecracker, you can easily defeat this boss enemy. To find the Firecrackers, simply follow the below directions:

  • First, jump to the top left corner of the screen.
  • Enter the room beyond that and you will find three yellow switches there.
  • You need to press all of those three buttons to proceed further.

First Button

You can press the first button as soon as you enter the room from the top right corner.

Second Button

obtaining firecrackers in Animal Well

To press the second button, you need to interact with a crank to pull above a platform from the ground. You can then use the platform to reach the surface on the other side and press the second button.

Third Button

In order to press the third and final yellow button, head down the passage from the bottom left side. Follow the path and make sure to stay on the top ledges. After following this route, you will reach the third button.

After pressing all the switches, a new path will unlock and you can follow it to collect the Firecrackers from there. Now that you have the Firecrackers in Animal Well, you can throw them to make the ghosts disappear.

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