Where To Find Yggdrasil Wood In Valheim

Here's how you can find Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim.

Valheim’s latest update which was released recently on early access came with a new biome called Mistlands which has new items that are very useful in the game. Yggdrasil Woods is one of them. These woods are essential for crafting items that are useful later in the game. This article about where to find Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim will guide you in finding it.

How to Get Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim?

Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim
Image Credit: Kysen
  • Yggdrasil Woods is found by cutting Yggdrasil shoot.
  • These are exclusively found in the Mistlands Biome and are found growing on and around Ancient roots mostly.
  • A normal axe cannot cut through these large chunk shoots.
  • You need a Black metal axe or the Jotune Bane to chop off the huge logs of Yggdrasil shoots to obtain the Woods.
  • Although you can find Yggdrasil in abundance in the Mistlands you might have observed only a few Yggdrasil Shoots give you Yggdrasil woods others only give you normal wood.
  • This is due to only large shoots can produce Yggdrasil woods. Hence, you can obtain two kinds of wood from the same log.

Are Yggdrasil Shoot and Yggdrasil Tree the same?

  • Note that Yggdrasil shoot isn’t Yggdrasil Tree. Players often confuse both terminologies.
  • Yggdrasil shoot grows on and around Ancient roots or the Yggdrasil Tree. A fun fact about Yggdrasil Tree is that it is also called the World Tree.
  • Yggdrasil Trees go all the way up in the sky.
  • Yggdrasil tree doesn’t lead anywhere and chasing it might lead you to death because it is found beyond game boundaries and players die when they cross the boundary.

What are the uses of Yggdrasil Woods?

  • Yggdrasil Woods serves as the raw material to build crafting stations such as Black Forge, which is used to craft weapons and Armour.
  • Apart from this Etir refinery requires 10 Yggdrasil Woods along with 5 Black and 1 Dverger extractor to build. It is required to get refined Etir which is used to craft many Magical items in the game.

That’s all you need to know about where to find Yggdrasil Wood in Valheim. Also, check out how to craft Iron Buckler in Valheim.