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Where To Find Veles Labyrinth Location In Destiny 2 (Lost Sector)

Find the Veles Labyrinth lost sector location in Destiny 2.

Veles Labyrinth is one of the lost sectors in Cosmodrome that you will have to find. This lost sector is essential for unlocking the questlines associated with it. The Cosmodrome region will unlock for patrolling once you complete the first campaign mission from Beyond Light. That’s where you have to start your search for Veles Labyrinth and other lost sectors in this area. In this guide, we will walk you through where to find Veles Labyrinth location in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2: Where to Find Veles Labyrinth Location in Cosmodrome


You will find the Veles Labyrinth location towards the southern part of the Cosmodrome at Forgotten Shore. Once you reach this area continue heading in the south direction and find the last ship there. Remember that you need to get to the last ship as there will be many more scattered across the area.

veles labyrinth location in destiny 2

You will find a logo on the last ship. Simply onboard the ship and find an open hatch, which will be right on the top of the logo location. This hatch will get you to the lost Veles Labyrinth location in Destiny 2. All you need to do is enter it try getting close to each side of the wall. When you hit the right wall, it will open a cavern.


veles labyrinth lost sector location in destiny 2

Enter this cavern and you will get to the Veles Labyrinth location. The location will be filled with the hive, so ensure that you are equipped with the correct set of weapons and armory while searching for the location.

After defeating all the hives and revealing the lost sector, open the in-game map, and look for the availability of Legend or Master difficulty. Clearing these difficulties can get you a legendary armor piece.


We hope that this will help you easily find where is Veles Labyrinth location in Destiny 2. There are many more lost sectors that you need to find in this game. For instance, you will have to find the Perdition lost sector in Destiny 2 to unlock the questline related to it.