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Where To Find Snorunt In Pokemon BDSP

Here is how you can find a Snorunt in Pokemon BDSP.

There are a variety of Pokemons you can catch in BDSP. Some are straightforward to catch by finding them in the wild while others can be caught by completing a certain condition. One such Pokemon in BDSP is Snorunt. Snorunt is an Ice-type Pokemon with two good Evolutions in the form of Glalie & Froslass. Ice-Types, in general, aren’t the best but Snorunt can fill the Ice & Ghost slot as Froslass in your Team. But how do you get a Snorunt? In this guide, I will show you where to find a Snorunt in Pokemon BDSP.

Where to Find Snorunt in Pokemon BDSP

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Snorunt is an underground Pokemon. You will have to traverse the underground tunnels of Sinnoh. The main areas where you can get Snorunt in Pokemon BDSP are the Icy Cave, the Whiteout Cave, & the Glacial Cave. Going to these hideouts will have a chance of spawning a Snorunt. Do bear in mind that Snorunt is deemed a Rare Pokemon. So, you will have to visit these three Hideouts a couple of times before you can encounter one.

You will get a Snorunt of a Level as high or as low depending on your Gym Badges. Once you do encounter it, battle & catch it. After which you can train and evolve it into Glalie or Froslass. To get a Glalie, you will need to train your Snorunt to level 42. To get a Froslass, you will need to get a Female Snorunt and evolve it with a Dawn Stone. Snorunt may seem like a feeble Pokemon but it has a Base Total of 300 which is the same for other Pokemon like Bronzor, Pikachu, Dratini, etc.

This was all about finding a Snorunt in Pokemon BDSP. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. Check out our Pokemon BDSP guides on Gamer Tweak for more tips and tricks.