Pokemon Legends Arceus: Where To Find Shieldon (& Location)

Karan Pahuja
3 Min Read

Knowing the location of where you can find a Shieldon can be pretty useful in Pokemon Legends Arceus. It is a strong pokemon that has the Rock and Steel types. You can also evolve it to get a Bastiodon especially if you need a tank in your team. So in this guide let us check where to find Shieldon in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Where to Find Shieldon in Pokemon Legends Arceus?

where to find shieldon in pokemon legends arceus
Image Credit: MapGenie

You can find Shieldon in this game at Coronet Highlands. While this is the only area in the game where you can find them. There are several regions in this area for you to come across them. Here are them all:

  • Coronet Highlands
    • Primal Grotto: Go north from the Primal Grotto region.
    • Sacred Plaza: Go south from the Sacred Plaza.
    • Stonetooth Rows: Go southeast from Stonetooth Rows.
    • Ancient Quarry: Go north from Ancient Quarry.
    • Sonorous Path: Go north from Sonorous Path.

The above locations are also the same locations where you can encounter Bastiodon.

The second way you can find Shieldon in Legends Arceus is from Space-time Distortions. To further improve your chances look for the Space-time Distortions that take place in Coronet Highlands. You could get them from other ones too, but since Coronet Highlands has multiple regions in the game that spawn Shieldon, this area has more chance to spawn it.

In case you don’t find any Shieldon in any of the regions mentioned above you should reset the area. After resetting try again and you will mostly like come across one.

How to Catch Shieldon

  1. After you find a Shieldon sneak up on it from behind. Throw your Pokeball at it to capture one using a back strike.
  2. Or you could distract it is using its favorite food which are Dazzling Honey, Hearty Grains, and Plump Beans. While it is busy eating its favorite food throw your Pokeball to catch it.

That covers this guide on where to find a Shieldon in Pokemon Legends Arceus. In case you are looking for more Pokemon locations then check out our Pokemon Legends Arceus guides.