Where To Find Rear Hock In Tower Of Fantasy

Are you looking for Rear Hock for your recipes? Here’s how you can get them.

Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG that offers a lot of different exploration and survival mechanics including fighting bosses, collecting relics, completing missions and cooking recipes. Different recipes in this game provide you with different benefits as they are tied to your Satiety (hunger bar) and affect your health regeneration. One of the rarest ingredients you can get for these recipes is a Rear Hock. This is a type of meat usually found in mammals that exist abundantly on the lands of Aida. So in this guide we will show you how you can find Rear Hocks in Tower of Fantasy.

How to Get Rear Hocks in Tower of Fantasy

Now, in order to get Rear Hock, you need to hunt down and kill animals like Bunnydarts, Wild Boars, Bears, Hunt Rabbits and Honey Badgers in the game and get their meat drops. Since, this is a rare type of ingredient, you won’t find Rear Hocks anywhere else. This is unlike most other meat ingredients like fatty cuts and poultry meat that you can find just by exploring.

Tower OF Fantasy How To Get Rear Hock

An important thing to remember while farming for Rear Hock is that some of these animals such as the Bears and Boars are wild and might attack you. So you will have to fight them to get the meat drop. This is because these animals are naturally hostile, just as in real life. As opposed to the rabbits that are rather easy to hunt.

Once you have hunted down and obtained your Rear Hock, you can use it in rare recipes like Spicy Burger and Roast Rump. Consuming the Rear Hock raw is usually not recommended as it only restores your Satiety by 2 points and so it makes more sense to utilize in cooked recipes.

That is everything you need to know on where to find Rear Hock in Tower of Fantasy. If you want more related content, check out the Tower of Fantasy section on GamerTweak.