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Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: How To Find Mass Outbreaks

Here is how you can find Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon SV.

In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet one of the best ways to shiny hunt is from Mass Outbreaks. This was a feature introduced in Pokemon Legends Arceus. During a Mass Outbreak, multiple Pokemon of the same species start spawning for a short while. For example, if you want all the eeveelutions, then finding a Mass outbreak of Eevee will help you easily catch 8 of them. And you can even catch more for trading and shiny hunting. So in this guide check out how to find Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


How to Find Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

pokemon scarlet violet find mass outbreaks for shiny hunting
Image Credit: MonkeyKingHero on YouTube

You can find Mass Outbreaks by looking at the Pokemon icon or a question mark on your Map. The important thing is that the Pokemon will have a symbol behind it and a glowing aura. If you are looking to fill up your Pokedex then go to the location of the question mark. This is because that mass outbreak is of a Pokemon that you haven’t caught or encountered yet. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Press the Y button on your Switch Pro controller or the joy-cons to open the map.
  2. Zoom out of the map to easily look for all Mass Outbreaks going on at the moment.
  3. Place your map cursor over any Mass Outbreaks that you are interested in and Press the A button.
  4. This will set it as your location making it easier for you to get to it.
  5. Fast Travel to the nearest Pokecenter of the outbreak and rush towards it.
  6. Upon reaching the mass outbreak you will find that multiple Pokemon of the same species will start spawning.

This is good for shiny hunting. You can speed up the process by using the Lets Go feature to quickly defeat and spawn more Pokemon. And in case new Pokemon of the same species are not spawning, then you have to defeat other random Pokemon in the area where the Outbreak has occurred. You can eat sandwiches that boost shiny encounters to increase your odds even further of finding Shinies in this game.

Lastly, you can also use Mass Outbreaks to farm on Exp and collect the Pokemon materials used for crafting TMs.


That covers this guide on how to find Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. If you need more help on this game be sure to check out our other Scarlet & Violet guides.