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Lost Ark Maneth Location Guide: Where To Find This Boss?

Learn about where to find the Maneth Boss in Lost Ark from this guide.

Lost Ark is an amazing MMORPG that a player can enjoy. Being an MMORPG, there are many Tasks, Quests, Dungeon Raids, etc that the players will be doing. Along with these Quests & Raids, Players will be battling Bosses. Field Bosses in Lost Ark are Bosses that spawn in their respective regions at certain periods. One such Boss will be discussed in this article is Maneth. In this guide, I will show you Where to Find the Boss Maneth & show you his Spawn Timer in Lost Ark.

Where to Find Boss Maneth in Lost Ark?


find maneth lost ark

In Lost Ark, Maneth is a Field Boss. You can find Maneth in Icewing Heights, Shushire. Icewing Heights is in the North East of Shushire & you can find the Field Boss in the North East of Icewing Heights. You will find him just under the Eastern Triport. Maneth is level 50 & has 14,337,834 ×23 Points in Health. You will need a whole Squad just to take him out. Battling him is not as hard as it seems. You can Battle Maneth every 2 hours in the same location. That’s right, his Spawn Timer is 2 Hrs in Icewing Heights so if you want you can hang around in the area to fight him again.

maneth boss in lost ark


Maneth has a few AOE attacks which are highly predictable. All of his attacks have an indication. As long as you can stay away from his attacks, you will be fine. Beating Maneth will count towards completion of the Shushire page in your Adventurer’s Tome. Upon defeating Maneth, you will obtain the following loot:

  • 85 Silver
  • Corrupted Knights Ring
  • 8 Expert Healing Potions
  • Stone of Endurance
  • Forgotten Sanctuary Chestpiece
  • Defeat Maneth
  • And other Common & Uncommon loot

This was all about Where to Find Maneth Boss in Lost Ark. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How To Get Field Boss Cards in Lost Ark