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Elden Ring Lanya Location (Diallos Questline)

Wondering how to find Lanya in Elden Ring, check out this location guide.

Lanya is an NPC who is a part of the Diallos questline and if you are working on this quest, we recommend you go through this location guide to find Lanya in Elden Ring. It all starts when you meet Diallos, one of the Roundtable Hold Tarnished. Once you interact with him for the first time, he mentions that he is looking for his servant Lanya. He asks you to inform him in case you find her and disappears. This is where you can locate her easily.

Where is Lanya in Elden Ring? (Map Location)

Elden Ring Lanya Location

Go to the following location to find Lanya easily.

  1. You will have to travel to the giant Lake in Liurnia, or more accurately the Academy Gate Town Site of Grace.
  2. Head north from the Site of Grace and a pinch towards the west.
  3. Soon you will come across Diallos and you can hear him wailing.
  4. While you head over, you will notice him standing near a structure over a corpse.
  5. It is the corpse of Lanya who has been slain by despicable fiends.

Additionally, Diallos will mention what happens once you interact with him. He plans to plot revenge for Lanya against those fiends who have committed this terrible crime. Thus begins the next part of the Diallos questline, as you have to locate the fiends and put them down.

Diallo’s questline is one of the improved NPC questlines since the 1.03 update patch and will be an interesting tale for you.

That’s all you need from this location guide on how to find Lanya in Elden Ring. There’s a lot to do in this game (a lot), so make sure you check out our guides on Gamer Tweak to ensure you don’t miss anything. For example, here’s whether you should Join Volcano Manor or not.