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How To Quickly To Find Herbalism Trainer In Oribos In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

Herbalism Trainer in Oribos in WoW Shadowlands is a profession trainer. Find him to learn more about Herbalism

Herbalism Trainer in Oribos in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is a profession trainer that you can find in the game. A lot of people seem to be having trouble with finding this NPC and if you’re one of them, you will find our guide very helpful.

Where To Find Herbalism Trainer In Oribos In World of Warcraft: Shadowlands


All you have to do is get to Selector Au’mar, in the Hall of Shapes in Oribos. To give you a precise location, find the coordinates 40,38. This is the exact location where you can find him. Once you’re trained in Herbalism you can go out in the open world and start gathering items and materials.

You will need to keep your eye on 6 herbs that will give you the most benefits and they are, Rising Glory, Marrowroot, Vigil’s Touch, Widowbloom, Death Blossom, and Nightshade. You will have to go to one particular Covenant zone for the first four herbs while the rest can be gathered in any zone.


We recommend that you check out Bastion and Ardenweald to farm herbs for as this will help you cut out a lot of looking around and not waste time.

If you enchant your gloves with Shadowlands Gathering, it will help you in your grind of finding the herbs quickly as well.

There are other trainers as well in the game and Shadlowlands brings in a legendary crafting system along with new recipes and a lot more. Check the list of trainers below:

  • Inscription Trainer: Scribe Au’tehshi
  • Jewelcrafting Trainer: Appraiser Au’vesk
  • Leatherworking Trainer: Tanner Au’qil
  • Mining Trainer: Excavationist Au’fer
  • Skinning Trainer: Flayer Au’khem
  • Tailoring Trainer: Stitcher Au’phes
  • Alchemy Trainer: Elixirist Au’pyr
  • Blacksmithing Trainer: Smith Au’berk
  • Cooking Trainer: Chef Au’krut
  • Enchanting Trainer: Imbuer Au’vresh
  • Engineering Trainer: Mechinist Au’gur
  • Fishing Trainer: Retriever Au’prin

This is all there is to know about where to find Herbalism trainer in WoW: Shadowlands. While you’re here make sure to check out how to level up quickly right here on Gamer Tweak.