Where To Find Hearty Truffle Location In Tears Of The Kingdom

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Hearty Truffle is a rare mushroom that replenishes the hearts and temporarily increases the max hearts of the Link in Zelda TotK. This consumable material can be cooked to enhance its effects. Due to this, it becomes crucial to have these in your inventory. If you are low on it or haven’t yet found this material, know about all the locations and sources with Hearty Truffle.

Where to Get Hearty Truffle Mushrooms in Zelda TOTK

Get Hearty Truffle Zelda TotK
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Hearty Truffles are found in dark swampy areas and Caves. Having been inspired by the actual Truffle fungus, this shares resembles. So if you have seen one before, you will easily recognize this mushroom. But if you haven’t, then remember that they have rough irregular purplish-brown skin. And can be mistaken for stones under caves, so pay attention to your surroundings while exploring the cave.

Even though these mushrooms are rare, with some effort you can collect them from Hyrule Field and West Necluda caves. Many caves in this region have Hearty Truffle, among which Whistling Hill Cave is the best. But if you have already explored them, then try these locations.

  • Retsam Forest Cave (3749, -202, 70191)
  • Mount Dunsel Cave (3291, -3296, 0065)
  • Mount Floria Cave (1960, -2612, 0072)
  • Kakariko Village Cave (1947, -0982, 0158)
  • Passeri Greenbelt Cave (-0512, 0128, 0021)

Why We Need Hearty Truffle?

These Hearty Truffle mushrooms are capable of recovering all hearts temporarily. Due to this, they play a vital role in fights. With the help of these players can recover all the hearts and overpower the enemy with ease. Also, they are necessary items for the completion of the Out of the Inn quest.


These were all the locations where players can find Hearty Truffle mushrooms in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. In case you are having a hard time tracking the mentioned caves. Then check out this Interactive Map guide and find locations of Caves, Shrine, and much more. Also, skim our Zelda: TotK list.

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