Where To Find Gold Keys In Granblue Fantasy Relink

Looking to open Gold Chests in Granblue Fantasy Relink? You will need to find Gold Keys from different locations in the game. If you are finding it tedious to get these keys, this guide is all you will need.

If you are looking for Gold Keys in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you are likely to have encountered some Gold Chests while exploring the different regions. However, these keys are quite hard to get since you need to complete a specific Side Quest, which is pretty difficult. Since the game’s location is unclear, players may find it hard to get their hands on the key.

Gold Chests are available in multiple locations in Granblue Fantasy Relink. However, since they are locked, players need these keys to get the treasure in the chest. We have found 3 Gold Chests, 2 in Seedhollow and 1 in Folca, and you will need the keys to unlock them.

How to Get Gold Keys in Granblue Fantasy Relink

Where To Find Gold Keys In Granblue Fantasy Relink
Image via Ventus SGN (YT)

To get Gold Keys in Granblue Fantasy Relink, you should unlock the Out of Serpentine Spite Side Quest from an NPC called the Adventurer’s Partner in Seedhollow. The side quest requires you to take out any Cobra from any other quest. Keep in mind that the Side Quest will be available after you reach Chapter 8, so it might be some time before you can get the keys.

While it all sounds intriguing and simple enough, taking out a Cobra is a tedious task, and players will have to be aware that they or their crew might be poisoned. The easiest way to complete this side quest is by completing the Rilla Done Did It from the Dahli Island Quest Counter. Once you get your hand on one of the Gold Keys, you can simply interact with the Gold Chest that you have found, which should unlock it.

That’s all you need to get Gold Keys in Granblue Fantasy Relink. If you found this guide helpful, do check out our other Granblue Fantasy Relink guides right here at Gamer Tweak.