How To Find Gene In High On Life

Here's a simple guide on how to find Gene in High On Life.

In the early stages of High On Life, you will be tasked to find Gene Zaroothian. According to your talking gun Kenny, he can be the key to stopping the G3 cartel. These alien druglords invaded Earth and are using humans as drugs. To escape the invasion, you teleport your house along with your sister to Blim City. This is a huge intergalactic city and finding Gene can be a nuisance. To save you time, this article will tell you his location.

Find Gene Zaroothian in High On Life (Location)

Gene Zaroothian location in Blim City

After teleporting to space, Kenny will ask you to step out of the house. There, you will witness Blim City. To find Gene, all you have to do is go to the right and you will see a Luglox Box that you cannot open yet. Go further and you will see a bridge-like structure. There, you will notice a bench and a purple alien with three eyes sleeping on it. Approach him and he will reveal himself as Gene Zaroothian.

To Kenny’s shock, this famous bounty hunter is a homeless man living on a bench. But he is not completely useless. After a short cutscene, he will offer you his bounty suit in exchange for letting him stay at your house. Then you have to visit Mr. Keep’s Pawn Shop to get the activation key for the suit. Once you do it, return to your house. By then, Gene has installed Bounty 5000 in your living room. You can use it to get Bounties and open Warp Portals. But this will unlock later in the game. First, you have to complete a test by Gene to get back his knife from 9-Torg. Although he is an opportunist, he will be an important part of the game.

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