How To Get Demon Rock In Wild Hearts

Make the best armor and upgrade your weapons in Wild Hearts with the Demon Rock.

If you want to get the Demon Rock in Wild Hearts then this guide is tailor-made just for you. In this action RPG, you must step into the shoes of a hunter. On your journey across the mystical world of Azuma, you’ll face ferocious monsters known as Kemono. To survive against these foes, you must have the best weapons and armor. The Demon Rock can help you forge the best gear in this game and we will tell you where to find it.

Where to Find Demon Rock in Wild Hearts

Demon Rock location
Image Source: TheZanzibarMan on Youtube

Players can find the Demon Rock at the Fuyufusagi Fort at the end of Chapter 3 of Wild Hearts. To reach this location, fast travel to the Cavern Camp. Then, take the trial called the Snowy Otsuki to the north. Once you reach the fork in the road, take the left path called Chilling Lane. On this path, look around for the Demon Rocks. They look like bright orange rocks embedded in black rocks. Every run will net you two to three rocks so make sure you take the Chilling Lane multiple times to farm this material.

Apart from this, players can also unlock the Dragon Karakuri called the Tsukomo Ore Shrine. To do so, defeat the Kemono Monsters and earn orbs to unlock new Karakuri techniques. Once installed, the Tsukomo Ore Shrine will produce random ores from the area where it is placed. You can place this shrine at a campsite or a Dragon Pit to easily farm the Demon Rocks.

However, the shrine does not guarantee that you will get this material as it produces random ores. But since you need other ores as well, placing a few Tsukomo Ore Shrines will always work in your favor.

That’s everything from us on how to find Demon Rock in Wild Hearts. If you liked this guide, then we recommend you check more guides like Best Armor Sets in our Wild Hearts Guides.