AFK Journey Corrupt Creatures: How To Find Them

You can find the Corrupt Creatures in AFK Journey and take them down for several rewards. Here’s where you can find and challenge them.

In AFK Journey, a Corrupt Creature is a certain enemy type whom you shouldn’t avoid challenging. While defeating this enemy requires tons of effort, it is totally worth it as the rewards you will be getting in return are precious. The only difficult thing before facing a Corrupt Creature is finding it. Because there’s no fixed location where you can find and challenge this enemy. Although, there are a few places that are worth looking for a Corrupt Creature. In this guide, we have mentioned those places. Keep reading below to learn more about it.

Where to Find Corrupt Creatures in AFK Journey

corrupt creatures in afk journey

As I said, there are no fixed locations where a Corrupt Creature spawns on the map. But if you want to look at a specific location, I would suggest you check out the Vaduso Mountains. It is one of the prominent locations where you can find this enemy.

Another location where you can find Corrupt Creatures in AFK Journey is the Dark Forest. The Dark Forest 5 is a hotspot where you can locate as good as 4-5 Corrupt Creatures. But make sure you have your friends alongside as 3 players are required for taking this challenge.

On the World Map, you can find a Corrupt Creature by identifying its icon. It is represented by a claw (probably a zombie’s claw) icon on the map. Once you find the icon, click on it to set a route to reach the enemy. Then, you can click on the Corrupt Creature, invite other players, form your party, and defeat the enemies to win the round.

That’s all you can do to find and win against the Corrupt Creatures in AFK Journey. One thing that I would like to suggest is to add a Hypogean Character like Reiner in your party. This will increase your chances of winning in all types of battle.