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Where To Find Coal In Minecraft 1.18

Here is how you can find a lot of Coal in Minecraft 1.18.

Coal is a common fuel source used in Cooking or Smelting in Minecraft. It can be easily found at the surface level or in caves. But after the 1.18 Update in Minecraft, the Ore Distribution and Generation has been completely changed. In today’s guide, I will show you where to find Coal in Minecraft 1.18.

Where to Find Coal after the 1.18 update in Minecraft

coal in minecraft 1.18 update

Coal is a very common ore. Usually, Coal will be the ore that you will mine. It is a very common Ore and it generates huge Blobs. After the revamp to Ore Distribution in the 1.18 update in Minecraft, Coal has become more abundant and easier to find. Coal starts to generate at Y256. Coal will only generate above Y-Level 0 and between Y256.

The best Y-Level for Coal is between Y95 and Y96. Although, from Y192 to Y0, Coal will not be generated as an exposed ore so you will have to mine deeper to get Coal. But you will still see some exposed Coal, it will be fewer than it was in Minecraft 1.17. Another good place to find Coal is at the surface where you can find exposed Coal Ores. This is good for the quick early game smelting, not so much for the late game. This is how the new Coal Ore Distribution in Minecraft 1.18 works. If you go on a Mining Session for a good amount of time between Y95 & Y96, you will find and get Stacks upon Stacks of Coal.

Finding Coal is good and all but at one point you will run out of places where you can find it so making a renewable source for Coal would be very beneficial. But if you want to stick to Mining then this is how you do it. This was all about finding Coal in Minecraft. Hopefully, this guide was helpful. You can also check our guides on 1.18 Update Ore Distribution Guide and Best Level To Mine Iron in Minecraft.