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Where To Find Black Marble In Valheim

Here's everything you want to know about finding Black Marble in Valheim.

Valheim Mistlands update brought many materials and items in the game such as Black Marble which are raw materials for constructing or upgrading various buildings or workbenches in the game. With the new location added many players would be interested in trying out the new resource. Although one might find difficulty in obtaining one. Hence, this guide on where to find Black Marble in Valheim might help you to find one.


Where to get Black Marble in Valheim?

Get Marble in Valheim
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Black Marble is a material that is obtained through mining. You can mine it from buildings or structures that are found in black color. However, this might irritate the residents of the village which might lead to unnecessary fights. Hence, the best option to mine Black Marble is from Petrified Bones found in Mistlands. Since, these Giant Petrified Bones are mostly found around the Mist which can blur your vision, bringing Wisp Light would help you to clear the Mist and make your mining job easy. One should note that except for Black Metal Pickaxe any other pickaxe found in the game cannot mine Black Marble. Hence, you should keep a black Metal Pickaxe with you to mine the Marble. Another way of getting it is by killing Dvergers found in Mistlands.

Black Marble in Valheim
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How to Use Black Marble

  • Used in constructing strong buildings.
  • Used to craft workbenches like Black Forge and Black Forge Cooler
  • You can upgrade Mortar and Pestle using Black Marble and also you can upgrade Gladr Table into Rune Table if you have Black Marble.
  • Black Marble can be taken while traveling through portals.

That’s everything covered about where to find Black Marble in Valheim and its uses. In case you are curious to know about new creatures found in the Valheim Mistlands update, our guide on every creature found in Valheim Mistlands might help you.