Genshin Impact: Where To Find Ajilenakh Nuts

Here are the locations to find the Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact.

There are a whole lot of things you can do in Genshin Impact that’ll keep you engaged for hours. Rather than exploring and fighting, now you can also cook delicious food in the game. However, you’ll need to find all the right ingredients in order to make the food. One of these ingredients that are players struggling to find is the Ajilenakh Nuts. A green color fruit, with tough skin but sweet and very tasty to eat. If you’re also struggling to find the locations of Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact, then we’re here for your help. So without any further ado let’s see how you can find these fruits in the World of Tevyat.

Locations to Find Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact

To find the Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact you’ll need to explore the Great Red Sand desert. This Desert is located in the western part of Sumeru in the game. These nutty fruits are found hanging on Athel Trees, which look similar to palm trees. Ajilenakh Nuts are commonly spawned near water bodies. For your reference, we’ve mentioned all the areas where you can farm these fruits in the article below.

Where To Find Ajilenakh Nuts Genshin Impact

  • Hypostyle Desert
  • Land of Upper Setekh
  • Land of Lower Setekh

These are the location to find the Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact the most. For better judgment, check out the map attached above. If you don’t want to go through the hassle to find these fruits, then you can also buy them in the game.

How to Buy Ajilenakh Nuts?

As mentioned above, players can always purchase the Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact easily. In order to buy them, you’ll need to go to the NPC located in the Aaru Village. This merchant is known as the Azalai who’ll see you the fruits for 240 Mora each. However, he usually runs low on the stock and can only sell up to 10 of these Ajilenakh Nuts. But you can always visit him to buy more after every 2 days.

This is all you need to know about where to find Ajilenakh Nuts in Genshin Impact. Now you can cook Baklava, Candied Ajilenakh Nut, & Coconut Charcoal cake with the help of this delicious fruit. While you’re here check out where to find Kalpalata Lotus in the game.