CoD MW2: Where To Find Activision ID & Add Crossplay Friends

Here is where you can find your Activision ID in Cod MW2.

In order to add friends in CoD MW2, you need to find your friend’s Activision ID. But it isn’t as simple as just looking at some corner of the home screen. You will have to access your settings to get it. So in this guide let us check how to find your Activision ID in Modern Warfare 2 and add crossplay friends.

How to Find Activision ID in CoD MW2

how to find activision id in modern warfare 2 and add crossplay friends

You can check your Activision Id in the Activision Account option from Account & Networking tab in the Settings. Here are the exact steps for it:

  1. Launch CoD MW2 on your PC or Console.
  2. Open the Menu screen. You can press the Menu button on your Xbox controller for it, and PlayStation players can do the same by pressing the Options button.
  3. Here, press RB or R1 on your controller and, go to the settings tab.
  4. Next click on the last option below that says “Account & Networking
  5. Here you can find the third option to be “Activision Account”, click on it.
  6. This will bring up your Activision ID represented by your name, a hashtag, and a set of numbers.

You can copy this Activision ID to send it to your friends, to let them send you a friend request and add them in-game, to start playing together.

How to Use Activision ID to Add Crossplay Friends

You can use your Activision ID to add friends in-game.

  1. Launch Modern Warfare II and go to the menu screen from the home screen.
  2. Here, go to the Social tab.
  3. This will open the Hub tab.
  4. Press RB or R1 to go to the Friends tab.
  5. Below you can find two options Add Friends and Friends Requests.
    • To add friends:
      1. Click on the Add Friends button.
      2. Here you will get a popup that says Activision ID textbox and a Send Request button.
      3. Enter or paste your friend’s Activision ID in this textbox and click on the Send Request button.
    • To accept friend requests:
      1. Click on the Friends Requests button.
      2. You can see any friend requests under the Notifications tab.
      3. Accept the friend request and you can find them in your Friends list.

That covers this guide on where to find the Activision ID in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and how to add crossplay friends. Don’t forget to check our Modern Warfare 2 guides if you play this game and are looking for help on other such topics.