Final Fantasy XIV New Year Event is Live with Patch 4.5 Sneak Peak

Final Fantasy XIV’s annual Havensturn New Year event is back again following the Christmassy Starlight Celebration, the event will run from now till January 15 allowing players to take on seasonal quests and earn few Near Year gear.

All you need to do is have a character that is at level 15, then go to the upper decks of Limsa Lominsa to speak with Inoshishi. You will have to help him create some noise in order to sell his rice cakes though.

Completing this you will be earn two different styles of the Inoshishi Kabuto helmet, which features an adorable piglet sitting on top to commemorate the Year of the Pig. Addionally you can earn  a new seasonal piece of furniture for your home: the Boar’s Head Kadomatsu. Certain items from previous Heavensturn events can be purchased from the seasonal shop as well.

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A new update is on the horizon for Final Fantasy XIV, Patch 4.5 titled ‘A Requiem for Heroes’, is releasing on January 8th and it is said to contain new content for the game like  a new job class: the Blue Mage. You’ll also be able to acquire new mounts and minions, such as an adorable fishing otter, as well as new hairstyles, emotes, and custom deliveries, among other things.

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