Final Fantasy VII Remake Free Tifa Theme Available Now on PS4

Final Fantasy VII Remake released a few weeks ago and it met with great expectations from fans and Square Enix. Along with the launch of the title, Square Enix released several themes for PlayStation 4, some of them free. One of the most striking, that of Tifa, unfortunately, was exclusive to a promotion for the United States and was free in other regions, but it had not reached other parts of America. If you were waiting to get it, we have very good news for you, as it is already available in the West and best of all, it is free.

From today onwards, Square Enix released the dynamic Tifa theme on the PlayStation Store in North America and Europe, and you can now download it at no cost or need a PlayStation Plus membership.

In case you do not know, this topic was the one that caught the most attention of the fans not only because it is dynamic and includes many details for the icons and files, but also because Tifa stars in the iconic scene of the water tower in which she appears sitting under a sky full of stars. As you can see, when browsing the icons at the bottom, the applications appear in the background, highlighting the figure of Tifa.

This item was a reward for consumers who redeemed product wrap codes for a recognized brand of chocolates in the United States. There was no other way to get them outside of this country. Later, in Japan, it appeared for free on the PlayStation Store in that region, so it was necessary to have an account there to be able to download it.

Finally, after several months of its launch, western players will finally be able to get it for free. It is important to say that on the store it does not appear until when it will be available, so we recommend you to download it as soon as possible by visiting this link.

We remind you that 2 themes are currently available for free for all PlayStation 4 users with an account on the PlayStation Store. One of them is Tifa’s and the other is an exclusive one from SHAREfactory, which contains various elements to be used in this program.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available exclusively for PlayStation 4.