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Final Fantasy 7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator Guide & Rewards

List of rewards you can earn this battle simulator

Combat Simulator is a kind of internal mini-game where you will fight with some strong enemies, farm XP, unlock Materia and Summons. Shinra Combat Simulator is the second one will find towards the end of Final Fantasy 7. It is located inside the Shinra Building that you will visit during Chapter 16. This is where after talking to the mayor you will get access to the Recreation Center. Visit to unlock Shinra Combat Simulator and farm XP, unlock materia’s and also grab some cool rewards. In this FF7 Remake Shinra Combat Simulator guide you can learn about all the battle challenges and their rewards.

Shinra Combat Simulator Guide & Rewards


Complete challenges in the combat simulator will reward you with EXP and Gils. Here is an list of all battle challenges, and rewards.

Rank 3 Challenges:

  1. Three-Person Team vs. Mayor – Rewards: Mega-Potion.


Rank 4 Challenges:

  1. Cloud vs. SOLDIER Trainees – Rewards: Cog Bangle
  2. Barret vs. SOLDIER Trainees – Rewards: Supreme Bracer
  3. Tifa vs. SOLDIER Trainees – Rewards: Rune Armlet
  4. Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees – Rewards: Geometric Bracelet
  5. Two-Person Team vs. High Flyers – Rewards: Gil Up Materia
  6. Three-Person Team vs. Team Ragbag – Rewards: EXP Up Materia

Rank 5 Challenges:


  1. Cloud vs. 3-C SOLDIER CANDIDATES – Rewards: The Art of Swordplay Vol. XIII
  2. Barret vs. 3-C SOLDIER CANDIDATES – Rewards: Sharpshooter’s Companion Vol. XIII
  3. Tifa vs. 3-C SOLDIER CANDIDATES – Rewards: Way of the Fist Vol. XIII
  4. Aerith vs. 3-C SOLDIER CANDIDATES – Rewards: Telluric Scriptures Vol. XI
  5. Two-Person Team vs. Dynamic Duos – Rewards: Refocus Materia

Rank 6 Challenges:

  1. Three-Person Team vs. Monsters of Legend – Rewards: Refocus Materia


Rank 7 Challenges:

  1. Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets – Rewards: Gotterdammerung

Rank 7 Challenges is a secret battle in Shinra Combat Simulator. It is unlocked in hard mode and has few more basic requirements. To play Rank 7 Challenge you will have to clear all battle challenges at the Corneo Colosseum, Shinra Combat Simulator, Three-Person Team vs. Top Secrets in hard mode and complete all Battle Intel Reports. The reward is Gotterdammerung, a neckpiece with a feature that refills Limit Break Gauge during battle. While equipped you will enter with full Limit Break gauge in FF7 remake.

So these are all the list of challenges in Shinra Combat Simulator in FF7 Remake. Play them and unlock cool rewards.