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Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t just a run of the mill RPG. This game is full of lively characters and each has a genuine story to tell.

Final Fantasy 7 has decades of history and fans behind it, enough to make a culture design behind it which is apparent in every gaming convention you attend, but you won’t understand why this phenomenon exists unless you jump into the lore.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 Review

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a gutsy move by Square Enix, Final Fantasy 7 has a generation of fans behind it and tinkering with history has not always paid off well, but the developers at Square Enix have pulled off a miracle.

For those like me, who never got to play the original can jump right in Midgar and understand why this story of Cloud Strife, Avalanche and other matters so much to so many people. Final Fantasy 7 Remake isn’t just a run of the mill RPG. This game is full of lively characters and each has a genuine story to tell.


final fantasy 7 remake cloud

When it comes to gameplay, you get three options that are embedded in the difficulty levels of Final Fantasy 7 Remake. You get Classic, Easy and Normal, each having its distinct features, Classic mode gives you the nostalgic feeling of decades of which should cater to long time fans of Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Easy makes each enemy weak while still giving you complete control over the characters. Normal mode is for players wanting the real experience that the developers have intended for the players. This mode is by far the best and challenging and wholesome in all.

There are different elements to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, you get to use all your might as Cloud Strife, but whenever you wish, you can switch to any other character in your party and use their unique skill moves.

While doing so, you get a completely different experience while going through the same storyline as other characters in the game. Though you will still be playing Cloud’s narrative you get a different perception with each character.

Moreover, as you progress in Final Fantasy 7 Remake you get Summons, you will require a summon materia for that but what it does is bring a spirit to help you in battles. Final Fantasy 7 Remake will have giant demons, mechs, and other things for you to battle and you will be thankful for all the help you can get. Each summons has its elemental properties and you can use this to your advantage.


final fantasy 7 remake setting 2

From the cutscenes to the action, each animation is crafted to perfection. The game takes you through the journey of multiple sectors. It has been said to death about how each and every location has a distinct look and feature but this game gives you the chance to go through every level of the different sectors.

Cutscenes are where Final Fantasy 7 Remake delivers its best moments, the characters of Cloud, Tifa, Aerith, Barret, and others are expressive and not just videogame expressive. There are moments where Cloud simply grunts and each grunt has a different meaning.

You get to see the world your characters live in, not only that you also get to see the environment that the characters grew up in. Cloud will often marvel at his environment as he was/wasn’t a soldier during his primitive years.


Other than the fact that you can purchase iconic soundtracks of the game as you explore through the game, Final Fantasy 7 Remake brought back Nobuo Uematsu to rework on his original masterpiece and he has delivered with one of the best music you will find. It does justice to decades of nostalgic fans who wish to revisit and feel the same things they did about 23 years ago.

Music has character in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and this only makes going to different locations and progressing through each chapter more fun. From the strings section to the heavy hard-hitting background theme is an aural fantasy come true.


final fantasy 7 remake setting

The city of Midgar is itself a character itself, each location has different types of people reflecting upon the social structure of the place. Sector 7 Slums is the location for the Avalanche hideout, being a slum, you will find people who are near poverty and it shows when you go through the place. The Shinra Building will have people in suits but not only visually there is a distinct difference in how they treat people.

Being above the ground from the rest of the people, some of Shinra employees think of themselves better than the rest of the population. This gives them a personality, making it easier to understand the difference and, this matters when you’re trying to create something that you care about.

Moreover, the plot to have Avalanche seem like the true culprit behind the devastation of Midgar, this helps set up much of the conversations and chatter that you hear after you blow up some of the Mako Reactors in the game.


final fantasy 7 remake barret

Playing through Final Fantasy’s 7 Remake’s entire campaign made me realize why people love it so much, it isn’t restricted to one thing and neither are any of the characters one dimensional. There is growth throughout the game.

Each character is fighting for something, Cloud is fighting to take down Shinra, Barret is fighting to save the planet and Shinra themselves have a motive of their own. Each and everything is motivated and feels in place.

Even the side quests are amazing, though not most of them do much for the story, they will surprise you with things that will make you do things that you wouldn’t imagine your character doing.

There is this one particular moment in Wall City, where you have to save a party member. This moment by far was the most mind-blowing thing in the game.

You should know that this version isn’t the complete story of Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there will be more parts about it in the future and as soon as you complete it, but the game rewards you if you replay it again so there will be more side quests that you’ll see for the first time.


final fantasy 7 remake ifrit

It was hard to find something wrong with Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and even after spending over 40 hours with the game, there was none. Now a perfect score seems odd but credit due where its worth and I had feelings of joy while Final Fantasy 7 Remake that I haven’t since childhood.

Square Enix, made playing games fun, not just in a one dimensional way but you will be laughing at all the quirky dialogues, the flirting scenes remind you of that someone special in your life and the action will leave you at a loss because it is just so good and it is hard to compare it any other game.

We recommend playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake especially to those who have never played it, but also to those who have, please check out this amazing piece of art and revisit the world that made you fall in love it with one more time.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake PS4 Review

A lesson in rewriting history and creating legacy that will last decades.

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