How To Make Your ACNH Character Wear Final Fantasy 7 Remake Outfits

Totally adorable!

Are you a fan of Final Fantasy 7 Remake and love the outfits of Cloud, Barret, Tifa and Aerith? Well, if you want to show off your love for FF7R in Animal Crossing New Horizons, it is now possible. You can make your character in ACNH wear and flaunt these outfits with some codes generated by a creative twitter user. Get excited because your worlds are about to collide in the cutest possible way.

How to Get Final Fantasy 7 Remake Outfits in ACNH

Twitter user @the_regressor has made it easy for you. He has recreated Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s party members’ outfits in Animal Crossing New Horizons and they look pretty darn accurate. If you wish to go all out, you can also design your character’s hair to look just like Cloud, Aerith, Tifa or Barret.

Check out the tweet with all the codes you can use:

For those parts of the outfit where some skin is shown, additional codes are provided according to skin tones. Many players have already donned these outfits and are getting some really cool compliments from their villagers. Take a look at this tweet from @talitatops:

With this, in a way, we can now get the best of both worlds. Be sure to check out all our Animal Crossing New Horizons guides, as well as Final Fantasy 7 Remake guides while you are here.