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Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Music Disc Location Guide

There more than thirty music disc in FF7 Remake, check this guide on finding them all.

Music Disc is one of the collectibles in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. With more than 30 discs scattered into various regions, it can be a tedious job to find them all in one shot. So here is a guide that can help you in finding on the music disc in the game. Most of them are easy to locate during the main missions and side quests. Just follow up on this guide while playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake All Music Disk Location:

Every Music Disk has a unique number starting from 1 and end on 31. One of the shortcuts to unlock Music Disk in FF7 Remake is to purchase it from Vending Machines and Merchants. Some are given by NPC’s and one is unlocked from a Minigame. The disc location in this guide is arranged as you progress, for example visiting Tifa’s bar for the first time after completing the task with Barret and the team.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Music Disk Location Guide

Important Hint to find Music Discs: There will be always music playing around, and second a small gramophone. Whenever you see this, there will be a Music Disc. Ample of the disc are in Vending Machine, cost 50Gil.


Music Discs Location In Sector 7 Slums

  1. Tifa’s Theme – Music Disc 3: Located in Tifa’s Bar, on the right of the main entrance interact with the Jukebox.
  2. Hip Hop de Chocobo – Music Disc 27: Located in Residential Area, take the alley on the right of Seventh Heaven and interact with the man outside Pizza.
  3. The Prelude – Music Disc 1: Tifa will take you to an item shop, this it the first vendor you will meet in FF7 Remake. Interact with the vendor, and select Buy. Choose the disc. It can be unlocked during objective Life in Slums.
  4. Barret’s Theme – Music Disc 4: Near the station there is an small food on van, interact with the lady to unlock music disc 4.

Music Discs Location In Sector 7 – Collapsed Plate Area

  1. Main Theme of FFVII – Music Disc 14: In Chapter 3 during objective Finding Wedge find a way to the Underground Test Site B2. Inside the break room search for the vending machine.
  2. Lurking in the Darkness – Music Disc 5: In 65M Above Ground Level area go to the Crumbling Building. A vending machine is right outside a building. Look near Central Tower 1F.

Music Discs Location In Sector 0 – Shinra Electric Power Company

  1. Scarlet’s Theme – Music Disc 31: In 63F Upper Level – Recreational Facility area find Combat Simulator Lounge. There is a big item shop in this area. Gran the final Music Disc from the juke box.

Music Discs Location In Sector 6 Slums

  1. Cosmo Canyon – Music Disc 22: During Chapter 9 in objective Take the Shortcut you will be in a region called as Collapsed Expressway – Large Cave-in. A vending machine is placed near a blue bench near the tunnel walls. Just before the deadend.
  2. Honeybee Inn – Music Disc 10:  While moving towards Corneo’s Mansion in the Wall Market Area, visit the Item shop, right in the front of Cold Drinks shop. Interact with the Pharmacist to unlock the disc.
  3. The Battle Begin – Music Disc 26: For this one you will have to visit Honeybey Inn – Honeyhall. You will be on the right track during objective Aerith’s Plan. On the entrance there are three Honeygirls, talk to the middle one. Talk to them choose yes for Head to the Stage and No for Skip Practice Session. Get 10 Great in Dance Tutorial and you will be rewarded with the music disc.
  4. Under the Rotting Pizza  – Music Disc 8: Once again in the Wall Market region, on the left of Cold Drink shop there are two ways. Once that goes towards a stairs, and second on the extreme left corne, a alley blocked by fences. See through the fences and you will see the Jukebox.
  5. Farm Boy – Music Disc 17: Return back to the Cold Drink shop area, and look on its left a small alley with small food joint. Look for a wooden stairs, which leads to some kind of region with girls wearing hats. Interact with the one standing near the entrance of the building.
  6. Good Night, Until Tomorrow – Music Disc 16: In the Wall Market region on the street just look on the left end of the Cold Drink shop. There is an shop with Green board and yellow text, and above a yellow board with green text. Talk to the guest standing on the opposite of reception.
  7. The Mid Gar Blues – Music Disc 29: Once again return back to the Cold Drink shop area, and look on the front if you are coming from Music Disk 17 Location. Follow the lamps hanging over the street, take the first stairs and instantly turn left. Look for a green sign Yoidore. Enter this hotel and interact with the singer.
  8. Fight On – Music Disc 12: In the Wall Market region find a Chinese themed building, it has a massive dragon carved at the entrance. Inside on the left corner there is an is a gift shop. Talk to the Souvenir Shop Owner.
  9. Stand Up – Music Disc 30: In the Wall Market region on the North-West part you will have to locate a shop with huge Chines LED signs. It has a red curtain, on its left there is a small wooden entrance that leads to an dead-end. Find a women in this region who will give you Music Disc 30.
  10. Don of the Slums – Music Disc 11: In Corneo’s Mansion Basement region during the objective The Audition go to Forbidden Room. At the dead end which looks like some kind of torture room look for a massive doll with two lights in its hand and cigar, interact to unlock Shop and buy the music disc.
  11. On Our Way – Music Disc 15: In Chapter 13 during the objective Checking on Friends, visit Evergreen Park. There is an item shop on the road, look for a wooden bored with white text on it. It is like a open shop, no building nothing. Just a street vendor, sitting with boxes.
  12. Turk’s Theme – Music Disc 7: In Sector 6 at S6-5 Road look for a women standing near the water. She has weird white hair.
  13. Wutai – Music Disc 24: In the Urban Advancement District while crossing the straight road you will have to look for a bearded man wearing t-shirt. He is a worker.

Music Discs Location In Sector 5 Slums

  1. Cath Sith’s Theme – Music Disc 21: During the objective The Station you will be in Sector 5 Slum Area. There is a vending machine at the dead of the station. Just walk in the direction of Train Engine and look for the machine attached to the white walls.
  2. Costa Del Sol – Music Disc 19:  During objective Leaf House Delivery in the Center District of Sector 5 Slums, buy it from the Materia Shop.
  3. Gold Saucer – Music Disc 20:  During objective Requests for the Mercenary in Sector 5 Slums, you will have find a secret children’s hideout. From the Materia shop, go right and take a left narrow path. Visit the Moogle Emporium to collect the Music Disc. Interact with the kind wearing a white koala costume.
  4. Tango of Tears – Music Disc 25:  During objective Leaf House Delivery in the Center District of Sector 5 Slums, you will have to find a house with duck sign. Kind of hangout place for people.
  5. Descendant of Shinobi – Music Disc 23:  In Chapter 14, in the area Sector 5 Undercity Station, near Train Station there is a guy standing with white hat. You will need to explore a bit towards the south of station.

Music Discs Location In Sector 4 Plate Interior

  1. Electric de Chocobo – Music Disc 18: In Plat Mid-Level region when you are in Section H Utility Access, you will have to use a Lift to enter a square hole in the wall. You can spot this during Power for the Platform mission. Just look around for a opening in the wall, use the lift to reach the other side and take the stairs up. Follow the bed icon on the map.

Music Discs Location In Cockscrew Tunnel

  1. Stamp – Music Disc 28: In Former Rail Yard region inside Section E, you have to head to the Vending Machine. Look for a room with bed, the vending machine is behind the white door.

Music Discs Location In Mako Reactor 5

  1. Bombing Mission – Music Disc 02: In Chapter 7 during the objective Storm the Gates, wait near the Front Gate. After it is unlocked a Vending Machine is right in the font.

Music Discs Location In Sewer System

  1. The Oppressed – Music Disc 09: In Chapter 10 during the main objective Follow the Waterway, you will visit an area called as Aqueduct 1.This region has lot of boxes in a shelves and a vending machine.
  2. The Case – Music Disc 13: In Aqueduct 4 of Restricted Area you will have to locate a vending machine in a closed place.

Music Discs Location In Train Graveyard

  1. Let the Battle Begins – Music Disc 6: In Chapter 11 during main objective Shadow in the Control Room, visit the Maintenance Hall. It is a massive region, a vending machine is placed at the corner of stairs in one of the upper level.

By collecting all the 31 Music Discs in Final Fantasy VII Remake, you will unlock Disc Jockey Trophy.