How to fight Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Prasad More
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As it turns out the developers of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot not only have almost everyone from the series to fight with Goku they have also brought back one villain(Mira) from Dragon Ball Xenoverse games. This guide will show you how to fight Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is a phenomenal game and you will battle with almost everyone that you saw in the anime series, with Goku and his friends you are tasked with taking down tons of enemies that you face in the game.

How to fight Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot

Fighting Mira is pretty straightforward but to do so you will first have to defeat every villainous enemy in the game, these villainous enemies are marked with a red crown on the map and you will find them in each area.

To fight all of them you will first have to defeat Majin Buu and complete the storyline of the game, only after that will you be granted access to all of the villainous enemies.

These Villainous Enemies are stronger than the rest of the characters that you fight in the game and hence you will need to level up enough before you decide to take them on.

Once you are done with the storyline and have defeated each and every villainous enemy, a new threat appears in the East Ravine area. As you go there you will see Dragon Ball Xenoverse villain Towa waiting with villainous versions of Vegito and Gotenks there. Vegeto and Gotenks will be about level 100 each.

You will then have to defeat both these Villainous Enemies before you see Towa again, after defeating them Towa appears and initiates a monologue, as soon as he finishes he will disappear and a new threat will come to the game in the Land of the Kais area.

You will need to go to the land of the Kais and once there you will learn that your battles with Villainous Enemies have helped Towa to revive Mira.

After this you will be able to take on Mira, this is all there is to know about how to fight Mira in Dragon Ball Z Kakarot. Do check our other Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Guides for more tips, tricks and cheats.