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How to fix FIFA Points Xbox Store Checkout Error?

If you are trying to buy FIFA points or already purchased them from Xbox Store and cannot use it then here is what you can do.

You can buy FIFA points from Xbox Store and use those points to buy packs in FIFA 2021 or previous games. FIFA Packs can be purchased via two currencies. FUT Coins and FIFA Points, packs are sold for long time in the game. Each pack comes with a set of items, players and stats boost. You can build a stronger team using them but recently users have reported errors while buying FIFA Points. If you are one of those who are planning to buy FIFA Points from Xbox Store then beware of checkout error.

How to claim purchased FIFA Points in FIFA 2021?


FIFA 2021 is out with new features and upgraded gameplay mechanism. The is more challenging and rewarding, but certain things are still common. Like buying Packs to unlock new or rare items in the game. You will need FIFA points to buy them, and you can purchase them directly from Xbox Store. Recently some users have reports they are unable to see FIFA Points in their account after buying it from the Xbox Store.

The transaction was successful but the amount of FIFA points purchased were not there. The solution for this problem is to contact the support. There you will get a direct answer for what is happening. The checkout error is due to number of reasons, but if you had paid then you will get what you want.


User have reported even after 24 hours of purchase, FIFA points are not added to their account. There can be some bug going on with the game. FIFA 2021 is just launched and will receive a update to resolve this error soon. You can directly contact EA on the forums but it is best to approach Microsoft store support for this problem.