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FIFA 20 Will Have A FIFA Street Mode – Rumor

Stadium is everywhere

FIFA 20 is reserved for E3 2019 and recently EA Sports FIFA shared a tweet revealing a short intro or more like a teaser, but it does not include any kind of gameplay video just a glimpse with some hidden message about FIFA 20’s new features. One of the most discussed topics is the return of FIFA Street Mode in FIFA 20.

You can watch the intro below where EA shared a blinking image of Football Pitch along with a V Symbol. As per different sources, the V stands for Vault and it might take us into different mode including FIFA Street Mode.

FIFA 20 Teaser Trailer makes the leaks authentic by using the images of people playing on the streets. FIFA 20 “The stadium is anywhere” tagline also points towards the same idea of having the fun of football not just restricted to the stadium pitch.

To watch the full FIFA Reveal you can visit EA.com and checkout what new features and game-changing environment FIFA 2020 will be bringing this year. The game is launching on September 9, 2019.