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FFXIV No In Game Audio Error Fix

Here is a fix for the No In-Game Audio in FFXIV.

The players of FFXIV have been experiencing an error issue in the game where their audio is not working on Windows 10 & 11. Many players are facing this and it makes the game unplayable. Audio is a very important component in any game and not having it is detrimental. Don’t worry as the fix this error is a very easy one. Once you perform this fix, your game will be working in top shape with the Audio running smoothly. In this guide, I will show you the No Audio In-Game Error Fix in FFXIV.

How to Fix the No Audio In-Game Error in FFXIV (Final Fantasy 14)

no audio error fix

Before fixing the No Audio In-Game Error, let us know what it is first. This issue kills the In-Game Audio for FFXIV but when you go back to the Desktop or any other App, the audio is working as it should. It is a very frustrating issue as playing a game with no audio is like playing in Uber difficulty. But this Error in FFXIV is a stubborn one. No matter what generic solution you use, the error won’t get fixed. Solutions like:

  • Reinstalling FFXIV.
  • Installing & Updating Audio Drivers of your PC.
  • Checking & Optimizing your Audio Settings in FFXIV.
  • Updating the game.
  • Updating your PC OS.

Usually, most if not all issues get fixed by one of these solutions but not this issue in FFXIV. Surprisingly, the fix to the error is by switching your Display Screen Mode. By changing the screen mode to Borderless Windowed or Windowed Screen Mode and then restarting the game should fix the No Audio In-Game Error. This will work to fix the error. Like I said, easy fix.

This was all about the No Audio In-Game Error Fix in FFXIV. Hopefully, this guide helped you. You can also check our guides on Unable To Obtain Character Data Endwalker Fix and Endwalker Error Code 2002 Fix in FFXIV.