FF7 Remake Stairs or Elevator – Multiple Endings

By Raaj
3 Min Read

In Shinra Buiding during Chapter 16 or 17, there is a serious choice that halts the entire Avalanche team. After Tifa was able to access to 59th floor of the Shinra Building you have to choose one from the most important question in FF7 Remake. To an extent, I am still figuring out why this question is so important, and do you really miss the fun if you pick a wrong choice. So here is FF7 Remake Stairs or Elevator guide.

Stairs or Elevator – Multiple Endings

After Tifa was able to activate the elevator you will have to choose whether to use the elevator or you are strong enough to drag everyone till the 59th floor using the stairs. Both the choices will have a different ending and you really do not miss anything. I am unable to figure out why this thing was added as an “important choice”.

If you choose Elevator in FF7 Remake:

Barret, Tifa, and Cloud take the elevator to the 59th floor. The lift halts in between on three floors. There are few soldiers on the 20th and later two Shinra employees will try to use it. That’s it. There is nothing special going to happen if you take the elevator.

If you choose stairs in FF7 Remake:

Cloud boasts his powerful appearance and chooses to drag the entire team to the 59th Floor on foot. Yes, it is practically coded in FF7 Remake, and you will all the way climb the stairs to continue the main mission. If you want to avoid the soldiers and Shina employees then taking stairs is a good choice, unless you do not waste 5 to 6 minutes climbing.

So there are consequences of picking between Stair and Elevators in FF7 Remake. Have fun playing. There are a few multiple questions in the game which do not really matter what you pick. One among them is when Leslie asks Cloud to visit her, and there are two answers. None of the replies will have any impact on the game ending or on whatever main mission you are playing.