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FF7 Remake No Promises or Not Happening – Jessie Multiple Choice

What happens if choose one of them?

Jessie is a close ally to Cloud in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and there are times when they are close. During one of the sequences, Jessie asks Cloud a question. This is a multiple-choice question with one to choose as a Cloud you have to pick between No Promises or Not Happening. Do you want to know which is the right answer or what happens if you pick and leave the second answer? Well in this FF7 Remake No Promises or Not Happening Jessie Dialogue guide you will find the answer what happens with either of each choice.

What to pick Not Happening or No Promises?


By choosing Not Happening you reject Jessie’s officer to visit her the next day. She will not be drastically sad about this. But she will be unhappy, however, things will sort out fast. If you select No Promises, Jessie will be very happy and will share her pizza plan for the evening date.

Usually, there is no major impact on any part of the game if you pick anything from Not Happening or No Promises. So you can pick anything, it is just Jessie who changes her reaction. On Not Happening, Cloud just rejects Jessie’s proposal right on her face. This is a little rude, but Jessie is smart enough to understand the situation.

On No Promises, Cloud to an extent says yes for the meeting and Jessie is excited for the same. So here is just a date with Jessie with no major changes in the game-ending neither any kind of quest unlocks. When I saw this option thought there could be something coming out of it, but it is just an interaction.


So now you know what happens if you pick one between No Promises or Not Happening in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.