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FF7 Remake Manuscript Location Guide – Unlock Free Skill Points

Every Manuscript rewards 10 Skill Points.

Manuscripts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake can help you to level up your weapons and unlock Limit Breaks. Why? because Manuscripts gives you skill points and it is a core element to upgrade weapons. Skill Points in FF7 Remake also called SP are unlocked as you level up by earning EXP. But there is a faster way to grab some good amount of SP by finding manuscripts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. In this how-to get manuscript guide in FF7 Remake, you will find the exact location to grab some books and earn free SP.


Where to find Manuscripts in FF7 Remake?

Each Manuscript will give you 10 SP, you can use to upgrade weapons and unlock new abilities. With enough SP you can also acquire weapon abilities and make your character stronger in the game. So here is a list of four Manuscripts that you can find in FF7 Remake, similar will be available in hard mode. Below is a list of challenges and manuscripts.

To unlock Manuscripts you will have to complete Corneo Colosseum Battle Challenges. There are 9 battle challenges, below will give you manuscripts. You can choose to reply to these missions on different difficulties and unlock the manuscripts. Wild Animal Challenges which are unlocked in Corneo Colosseum after Chapter 9.

  • Ascension Manuscript: Cloud vs. Wild Animal Challenge
  • Catastrophe Manuscript: Barret vs. Wild Animal Challenge
  • Dolphin Flurry Manuscript: Tifa vs. Wild Animals challenge
  • Planet’s Protection Manuscript: Aerith vs. Wild Animals challenge

How to unlock manuscript in FF7 Remake in Hard Mode?

You can get the same manuscripts in Hard Mode also. But for this complete the entire story and then increase the difficulty level. Set to hard mode and then continue playing the game to collect all the manuscripts in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.


You can set the difficulty of any character vs. Wild Animal challenge when you are inside the Corneo Colosseum. There are three difficulties Classic, Easy and Normal and all yields the same rewards.