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FF7 Remake – Give 10,000 Gil Multiple Choice Question Results Guide

What happens if you do not pay?

Final Fantasy 7 Remake has some hidden surprising multiple-choice questions that do not have any impact on the game but some are important to consider. For example, some answers will unlock further quests while some are just there for no reason. One of them is when you meet Hart in Chapter 16. You will have an option whether to give him 10,000 Gils. What if you do not pay Hart 10,000 Gils in FF7 Remake? Will it make any difference? Let’s check out.

Give 10,000 Gil to Hart Multiple Choice Question?

In Chapter 16 you will find Hart outside the Mayor’s Office. While talking to him you will find that he is demanding a bribe of 10k Gils. If you are unable to find him then go on 62F Upper Level – Corporate Archives. An old main white coat, interact with and Cloud will ask Hart about the Collaborator.

If you choose to give Gil to Hart then you will unlock EKG Cannon for Barret. If you do not choose Yes, then the question will be repeated. That’s it this is the only outcome of this multiple choice question in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.  Hart will not only reveal information about the collaborator but he will also try to appease Barret by offering him the weapon, who is not satisfied by the deal.

FF7 Remake EKG Cannon

EKG Cannon is a firearm whose accuracy depends on the wielder’s emotional state. The weapon ability is Point Blank. Here it will consume ATB Charges to deliver a close-range attack and send enemies lying.

Practically none of the multiple choice questions in FF7 Remake has any major impact on the boss fights, game ending, character ability, etc. So you don’t really have to worry much. You can pick the option of your choice and carry forward with your quest.

So if you want a new weapon for Barret then go with yes, and if you do not have enough Gil, then you will have to make some money first.