How To Get Festive Fever In Genshin Impact Moonlight Merriment?

Read this guide to learn how you can get the Festive Fever in Genshin Impact.

The Festive Fever is one of the items you need to be able to unlock the Moonlight Merriment event content in Genshin Impact. This particular event rewards you with way more Primogems when compared to other events. This makes getting the Festive Fever quite important. In this guide, we will show you how you can acquire it.

How to Get Festive Fever in Genshin Impact?

genshin impact festive fever moonlight merriment

Moonlight Seeker

One of the main ways you can acquire Festive Fever in Genshin Impact is from the Moonlight Seeker. This is one of the many gameplay elements of the Moonlight Merriment event in the game. During the course of the Moonchase Festival, several Mystmoon Chests and Moonchase Charms were scattered all across Tevyat by the Adventurers’ Guild.

In order to stand a chance at receiving multiple prizes – one of which is the Festive Fever – you should aim to collect all of the items distributed across Tevyat. There is a pre-defined number of charms and chests that are all placed in one location. As of now, the Path of Stalwart Stone is the sole stage that is open and unlocked. Its first phase contains 30 Moonchase Charms and 40 Mystmoon Chests.

Upon collecting all of the said items successfully, you will receive 200 Festival Fevers.

trail delicacies moonlight seeker festival fever

Trails of Delicacies

The Trails of Delicacies is also one of the many gameplay modes in Moonlight Merriment. When compared to the Moonlight Seeker, this is probably an easier mode to take part in. This is because all you need to do here is beat all the enemies in different locations. In one of these locations, you will find a lot of strong leaders. Each of them will have unique powers and abilities that make them tricky to beat. If you wish to, you can head over to the Event Page to view the abilities of each leader. To make things better, the character that you own will also acquire Trail Comforts. You will receive this buff only if you are able to provide certain dishes in each phase.

With that being said, you also need to keep in mind the fact that every stage will feature Trail Comforts that are unique to the specific stage. What this means is that your Trail Comforts from one stage will not have any effect on the other stage.

As of now, you can only find the Path of Stalwart Stone stage. Here, you will find 6 enemy camps. After you finish defeating all of the enemies across these camps, you will receive 350 Festive Fevers.

These are the two different ways you can acquire Festive Fevers in Genshin Impact. If you follow the instructions carefully in this guide, you will be able to receive 550 Festive Fevers in total. While these methods of getting the Fevers may appear to be a little tricky or complex at times, they are actually quite simple to complex. Just remember to pay close attention to the steps mentioned in the lines above, and you should be good to go!

All said and done, in order to unlock the second part of Moonlight Merriment, you will need 1000 Festive Fever. Considering that the other stages of the gameplay will gradually unlock over the span of a few days, you will also find other ways to get your hands on the Fevers. You will need to keep checking over the next few days in order to find the different ways to earn these unique items in the game. Eventually, the game will open up to offer you better opportunities.

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