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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How To Feed Ravens

Want to befriend some ravens and get Motif Bags? Read this article to know how to feed and tame Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a real-life sim and an adventure game based on the Disney Universe. There are tons of things to do like Cooking, Fishing, Mining, etc. You will also interact with animals and birds that you can befriend and feed. One of the birds added in the new Scar update is the Raven. Feeding the Ravens isn’t easy as they will only eat their favorite food. Want to know what that is and how to tame them? In this article, we will tell you how to feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to Feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley Feed and Tame Ravens

Ravens are found roaming in the Forgotten Lands. You can unlock this biome for 15,000 Dreamlight. To feed them:

  • Approach a Raven
  • Don’t move as they come towards you and start circling around your head
  • When they stop in front of you, interact with them (X on Playstation, E on PC)
  • Select any five-star dish from your inventory and the raven will eat it
  • You can feed the same raven a five-star meal twice to befriend it
  • Then, you can select it from the companion tab
  • When you feed Ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley, they will drop a random Motif bag that you can use to stylize your clothes

There are currently five different colored ravens in the game i.e. Blue, Brown, Classic, Red, and White. Their preference is only five-star dishes. We recommend you stock up on Arendiallian Pickled Herring as it is simpler among all the other five-star dishes. You will require Herring, lemon, garlic, onion, and any spice (Basil or Oregano). You can easily find these ingredients throughout the map.


That’s all from us on how to feed ravens in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We have more helpful guides like Where to find Lion’s Claws and How to remove Wildebeest Bones in our Dreamlight Valley section.