How Much Is FaZe Clan Worth In 2024?

Here is everything you need to know about the net worth of FaZe Clan.

For the past few years, FaZe Clan stood tall as one of the giants in the esports and gaming landscape. The Esports and Entertainment organization has established themselves amongst the global fanbase. Their roster contains some of the most influential personalities, world-class gamers, content creators, etc.

However, FaZe reported a massive loss from their entertainment and gaming operations with their shares coming down to 18 cents from over $20. With such a high evaluation and the company going through a recent merger in 2023, it might make some wonder – how much is FaZe Clan’s net worth now?

In this guide, we will cover the Esport titan’s total revenues in recent times, so that you can have an idea of the net worth of the organization. Since these are estimated figures they are subject to change. With that being said, here is everything you need to know about it.

FaZe Clan Net Worth 2024

How Much Is FaZe Clan Net Worth?
Image Source: FaZeClan on Twitter

According to reports, at the time of writing, as of January 2024, FaZe Clan has a market cap of $14 million. The estimated revenue is supposed to be around $70 million for the esports giant. The organization has seen some decline in its net worth after its $725 million evaluation during its SPAC merger in 2022.

The company reported a massive loss of $48.7 million from its 2022 operation which was followed by a $28.4 million loss in the first half of 2023. It was then acquired by GameSquare for $17 million back in October 2023.

How Does FaZe Clan Make Money?

FaZe Clan’s net worth is segmented into different revenue streams which include Esport winnings, revenue splits with its talent, brand collaboration with different companies, etc. The main revenue stream that makes FaZe Clan most of its money is through brand sponsorships and merchandise sales.

Along with it, their roster frequently competes in different esports tournaments which have significant earnings. Content Creation is a huge part of the FaZe Clan’s net worth. The company also uses various social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, etc as their revenue streams. Not to mention, their merchandise sales too seem to be profitable with its global fanbase growing to over 510 million.

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