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Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: How to start The Fate of Atlantis DLC

Access the DLC without error

Unlike other Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC, downloading the first episode of the Fate of Atlantis DLC can be confusing. We got it all covered for you, this Assassin’s Creed DLC guide will show you how to start the Fate of Atlantis DLC and complete the Lost Story of Greece. So without any further ado, let’s begin with the steps.

How to access The Fate of Atlantis DLC

Downloading the DLC is easy, but accessing the content can put you on hold. So let’s get started with the Downloading the AC Odyssey DLC. Doesn’t matter if you have the AC Odyssey season pass or not, head to your storefront and download each episode of the DLC separately. On PS4 search for “add-ons” section of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey or go to the PSN store and search “Atlantis” to find the DLC. Select the first episode of Fate of Atlantis: The Fields of Elysium and Download.

Now that the DLC is downloaded and installed, you can either play through the game to complete the main story and find the Heir of Memories Lost Story of Greece or directly skip to the Heir of Memories quest with a new character. To Skip, you need to select the “Fate of Atlantis” from the main menu and then choose the second option.

fate of atlantis dlc access ac odyssey

Skipping directly to the DLC will let you start with a new character at level 52 along with the legendary armor and weapons(it won’t be your Eagle Bearer). The Legendary armor set includes:

  • 1 boosting Warrior skill damage
  • 1 Hunter skills
  • 1 Assassin abilities
  • Rare and powerful weapons

Complete the Lost Story of Greece

We recommend going with the option to complete the Story then access DLC. Either way, you need to complete the Heir of Memories side quest before starting the Fate of Atlantis DLC. After completing the “Lost Story of Greece” quest, simply explore the open world until you hear Aletheia speak and automatically receive the quest “The Isu Beckon”. Travel to the gates of Atlantis on the island of Thera and Start you DLC.

Note: Still struggling to get the quest prompt? Restart the game and begin with the DLC.

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