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Fortnite: How To Get Battle Stars (Fastest Way)

Looking for the fastest way to get Battle Stars in Fortnite, check out this guide.

Fortnite is a free-to-play battle royale game developed by Epic Games. They have a habit of bringing unique innovation to their game elements. Even their battle pass offers players to select the reward that they want to unlock. This was a big change to the regular level-up system that most games offer. While you can unlock what you select, you need to have the required Battle Stars for the item. Since then, Fortnite players are looking for the fastest way to farm XP and get Battle Stars. If you are looking for the same, this guide has you covered.

How to Get Battle Stars in Fortnite

How to Farm XP and Get Battle Stars Fast in Fortnite

Obviously, the fastest way to get Battle Stars in Fortnite would be to level up the XP you get from the game. Here is what you can do:

Zero Build – Solo

If you playing alone, Zero Build is one of the best ways to farm XP. Of course, you have to survive longer in this game mode. But even a short span rewards more XP than a normal battle royale. You can go to the Change button above Play and access this mode. If you have more players you can switch to the Zero Build Duo, Trio, or even Squad.

Daily Missions and Weekly Objectives

Completing the challenges that you get daily and weekly is a great way to farm XP in Fortnite. They may be a little time-consuming but will reward suitably once you complete them. You can even plan and finish them accordingly.

XP Rewarding Game Modes

If you are looking for the fastest way to get Battle Stars and farm XP, you need to concentrate on game modes that reward XP. Each game mode mentions whether it rewards XP or not under the name. Go to the Change button above Play and check it out.

Apart from normal game mode, these are the most efficient ways to farm XP and level up to get more Battle Stars. Unless of course if you want to pay and level up.

That’s all you need from this guide on the fastest way to get Battle Stars in Fortnite. If you liked this guide, we have more Fortnite guides, tips, and tricks that you will be interested in, right here on Gamer Tweak.