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How to Unlock Fast Travel in Death Stranding

Teleport tips

If you had done playing a few hours of Death Stranding where the cutscenes revealed what really Kojima’s new world is made of, one thing everyone wants is fast travel. This is an instant way to save time and avoid enemies in the path, but there are limitations here. In this guide you can learn how to unlock fast travel in Death Stranding and how to use the Private room’s to travel from one locations to another.

How to Fast Travel


Fast Travel in Death Stranding will unlock at Lake Knot City. This will take some time at the start and you will soon find yourself in a Private Room using the facility to sleep, take bath, use the toilet, examine your suits, equipments and sooth the baby. This Private Room also has a Terminal that give you access to game menu and the map, otherwise Cuff Links are your control center.

In Death Stranding you can fast travel from one Private Room to another. That means you cannot carry your cargo you can just change places. If you want to walk to an distant location and still want to retrieve your cargo then use PCC box. You can fabricate them at the delivery points. PCC box allows you to access to shared and private locker where you can store things and retrieve the cargo later on. But this requires to setup PCC box around the map, so best the fast travel point in Death Stranding is only for teleporting from one location to another.

In Private Room you will find the umbrella the unique gadget to fast travel. It is only available in the private room, but in starting cutscene, Fragile a mysterious women with Umbrella is able to carry it. Probably ahead in the game this can be a possibility.


It could be amazing if you can have the fast travel on the Cuff Link directly allowing you to move the cargo fast and easy, but this where the fun ends. The game is about legendary Sam porter with special abilities. He ports and reports – this is ridiculous.