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How To Quickly Fast Travel In CrossCode

To save time you can fast travel, and instantly jump to different places. Here is a guide on how to enable fast travel in the game.

Fast traveling in CrossCode will save you hours of time on getting to different places and the world of CrossCode is large, so check out this guide on how to fast travel and travel far away distances in a moment’s notice.

How To Quickly Fast Travel In CrossCode

CrossCode is finally here on the Nintendo Switch, and with the release, there are a lot of new players getting into the wonderful world of CrossWorlds. This MMORPG has tons of places to explore and things to see and as you progress in the game fast travel soon becomes necessary.

CrossCode makes you step into the world of Lea and her quest to regain her lost memories. You will have to travel on foot and via teleporters and once you keep on exploring, getting to each place on foot becomes a huge hassle.

  1. To unlock fast travel you will have to complete the first dungeon in the game, as soon as you reach CrossWorlds and clear the dungeon you will open up a way to Rookie Harbor.
  2. This is the first town in the world, once there you will be able to unlock a landmark and these landmarks work as fast travel points.
  3. To fast travel, you will have to hold the ZL button and press right the d-pad and A button to open up the map. Once you do this you can use the analog stick to select one of the many landmarks that you have discovered.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the choice of the landmark, you can press A and fast travel immediately to that selected place.

Fast travel options are absolutely necessary when you have to get back to the previous location to explore a bit more. The best thing about fast travel is that it won’t cost you anything and you should really use this feature as many times as you like.

This is all there is to know about how to fast travel in CrossCode, make sure to check out our guide on How Long Does It Take To Beat CrossCode?