How to Level Up Materia Fast in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Level up your Materia quickly

In Final Fantasy 7 Remake, there are five different types of Materia – Magic, Command, Complete, Summon and Support. If you want to make your characters become more powerful in the battles, you can level up Materia by acquiring AP. Basically, Ability Points (AP) help you to grow your Materia. In this guide, we will show you how to level up materia quickly in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Fast Materia Level Up in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

In Chapter 14, you need to find and equip the Pedometer Materia which will be on the ground near Aerith’s house. It will be very obvious and unmissable. Walk 5,000 steps and it will evolve into the AP Up Materia, because the Pedometer Materia levels up after you walk around. This can be done by completing the side quests in Chapter 14 or you can even choose to walk in circles to do it.

Once you have the AP Up Materia, equip it which will give extra AP (double AP!) to Materia linked in neighboring slots. Remember to be equipped with the AP Up Materia on any party member at all times. Even though it allows you to double the AP of only one Materia at a time, it is extremely useful in the game.

Which is the best Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake?

Some Materia in Final Fantasy 7 are important and focusing on them will give you a lot of benefits. Like Assess Materia which helps you to figure out you enemies’ weaknesses. Then there is Fire Strike Materia that comes with a tactical advantage. Always keep Assess Materia induced to your weapon to give you an edge over understanding enemies’ weakness. Thankfully, it unlocks early in the game.

Early after unlocking the Slum region, talk to Chadley. Follow Tifa and she will take you to different places. This will unlock a quest for new NPC’s, Item Shops, Weapon Store, etc. Here you will find Chadley, a boy who specializes in Materia things. In his Battle Intel Report quest, you will unlock the Assess Materia. It consumes 1 ATB Point in the combat and you will see assessment of your enemies on the screen.

Fire Materia allows you to use the Fire Magic element induced to your weapon. You can buy this for 500 G and it has three levels of upgrade. It unlocks in Chapter 3 and is also available in the item store.

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