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Farming Simulator 22 Cows Guide – How To Buy, Feed & Earn Profits

Everything to know about Cows in Farming Simulator (FS) 22.

Cows are the most iconic and versatile animals to farm in Farming Simulator 22. Cows produce multiple products as they mature and can generate massive profits for your farming empire, so here is a detailed and step-by-step guide to get profits from Cows in FS 22.

Farming Simulator 22 Cows Complete Guide

Let’s look at how to buy cows, feed them and get profits from these animals.

How to buy a Cow Barn

  • Go to the store and select the construction menu.
  • Pick the animals’ tab and select a suitable cow pasture in the Cow section.
  •  Choose one out of four pastures in the Cow section:
    • Basic Enclosed cattle pasture: It can hold 15 cows and is worth $75,000.
    • Small Cow Barn: It can hold 45 cows and is worth $254,000.
    • Large Cow Barn: It can hold 80 cows and is worth $518,500.
    • Automated Large Feeding Cow Barn: It can hold 80 cows and is worth $722,500. This barn will provide the nurture and feed the cows automatically, which will increase their productivity and health. Although the robot will feed the cows automatically you will have to provide hay, silage, and straw.

How to Buy Cows in Farming Simulator 22

  • Go to the store and click on the Animal dealer.
  • Choose a cattle you want to be placed in the barn you have purchased.
  • As an alternative you can drive to the animal paw symbol and have the cattle transport on your barn automatically which will cost slightly more.
  • There are three choices in each breed, which differ in age (0-month, 12 months, and 18 months) and price accordingly.
  • There are four breeds of cow to choose from. To speed up the growth of your cattle herd buy more mature cows.
  • You can buy Brown-Swiss and Holstein for dairy farming, while you can buy Angus and Limousin which are beef cows and can be used for breeding purposes. You can save up your transportation costs if you have the Wilson Silverstar trailer which can transport and unload up to 12 cows to the barn.

How to Nurture and Feed Cows

FS 22 Complete Guide on Cows

  • To optimise the productivity and health of the cows you will need to feed them a Total Mixed Ration (TMR). TMR is a mixture of Hay and Silage with optional straw produced by using a mixer wagon.
  • For producing a pure TMR you need to load at least 25% (not more than 75%) of Hay and Silage in the mixer wagon.
  • The process is more simplified if you have the Automated feeding Barn where you have to add the ingredients and the robot will execute the task of feeding the cows.
  • Cows produce slurry which can be used as fertilizers for your farm fields. If you add the straw in the barn, the cows will produce manure that can be sold in a biogas plant or can also be used as a fertilizer.

Milk Profits from Cows

  • Gradually, as your herd has more number of well-fed and mature cows your profitability will also increase.
  • Your dairy cows will produce milk and the valuation of your beef cows will increase as they mature.
  • You can sell multiple products from cows to generate and maximize your profits in FS 22.

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