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How to quickly and easily earn unlimited XP in Fortnite

Earning XP in Fortnite has always been a grind and with about 100 players around all vying for the same thing, it often becomes difficult. With Fortnite Chapter 2 introducing so many new things, they have also brought in a bug that keeps on giving out unlimited XP to the players.

How to quickly and easily farm unlimited XP in Fortnite


Fortnite has always awarded players for exploring new places, but if you visit the bridges in the Fortnite Chapter 2 you get 2000 XP. It doesn’t matter how many times you visit these bridges you still earn XP.

With 4 bridges in the games, players stand to earn up to 8000 XP per match, the bridges are located in the quadrant of D3, E2, F7, and on the divider edge between F4 and G4.

Visiting all the four bridges can be tough, but if you start at the bottom of the map and work your way up, you might have a chance of pulling it off.


This bug will certainly go a long way in unlocking new tiers and will most likely be populated, as it is not a secret anymore. Earning more XP and unlocking new tiers help in getting newer stuff for the players so it is a nice incentive for players to keep the grind on.

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