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How to Get Soul Stones Fast in Oninaki

You will on the constant quest of upgrading Oninaki‘s Daemons with soul stones as without them they can be pretty useless, but once you buff them up with these soul stones they work magically and can be pretty useful. This guide will show you how to get Soul Stones fast in Oninaki.

How to Get Soul Stones Fast in Oninaki

Soul Stones are rewards that you earn for successfully taking down an increasing number of enemies using a Daemon. Using these stones you can unlock nodes from the Daemon’s skill tree, which can be from skill tree that will baffle you or memories that can explain how the Daemons came into existence.

You will have to switch between each Daemon as they all have their own Soul Stones and you will need to regularly level each of them up to maintain their usefulness in your journey.

So you will be constantly arguing with yourself regarding which Daemon you’d like to upgrade first, but to do so you will need to find and take on large number of enemies in your way.

To be able to collect Soul Stones fast in Oninaki, you will have to find an enemy spawn point to grind an infinite number of enemies.

In your travels you will see blue portals scattered throughout, these are the enemy spawn points and it will keep spawning enemies until they are destroyed.

The objective of the game is to destroy these portals quickly but you can use this in your favor and have a feast of these enemies as they come towards you to attack.

The more enemies you successfully take down, the quicker it will be to collect Soul Stones, all you need to do is travel to an area with a blue portal and switch to the Daemon of your choice, and take down enemies using that.

With enough patience and perseverance you will have every Daemon maxed out in little to no time at all.

This is all there is to know about how to get Soul Stones fast in Oninaki. Check our other Oninaki Guides for tips, tricks and cheat codes.

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